Dirty Black Tattoo  

Your tattoo must be covered by the plastic foil for at least 3 days , changing the foil at leat 3 times a day. In order to wash your tattoo after removing the plastic foil, please clean your hands beforehand. Wash the tattooed area thoroughly with the palm of your hand using only ph neutral and fragrance free soap ( ask us for recomandation ) with cold or medium warm water, it should be clean without ink on it or vaseline.
 Then you can dry the tattooed area with a paper towel and apply a little bit of cream (please use only our recommended cream)  so that the tattoo becomes just a little bit shiny. Repeat this process of washing and applying cream 3 to 5 times per day, for 15 days (about 2 weeks).
During the healing process, please refrain from the following activities:
1. Do not go swimming. This includes pools, rivers, lakes or sea.
2. Do not scratch or touch the tattooed area except while cleaning and moisturizing it.
3. Do not pull off any dead skin. Leave it alone and it will peel off on its own within the first week.
4. Do not wear tight clothes (e.g. jeans) over the tattooed area during the healing process. Also,
avoid wearing wool during the healing process.
5. Do not expose the tattooed area to sunlight and avoid going to the solarium.
6. Do not engage in strenuous exercise, or any activity that may result in the skin of the tattooed area becoming stretched, scratched, or damaged.  

7. Take care not to pose your tattoo on places with dust or animal hair . 

8. Don’t wear jewelry near the tattood area . 

9. Do not take long hot showers and avoid hot water or shower gel over the tattooed zone.  
After 4-6 weeks your new tattoo should be completely healed.
Always keep in mind that a tattoo is a wound of the skin therefore not taking the aftercare seriosly can have serios consequences on the healed result . 
Be aware that every body is different and times required to heal could vary. Don't be alarmed if it takes more or less time. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any concerns or issues. We will be more than happy to guide you in every step of the way.
After your tattoo has healed fully, we would like to invite you for a check up or send us a clear foto of the tattoo.  This will allow us to evaluate if a retouch would be needed. 
To keep your tattoo in the best possible condition we recommend you moisturize with a body lotion daily. If you stay under the sunlight, you should use sunscreen with  SPF 50 on your tattooed area. 

In case of any problem on the tattooed area please inform us as soon as possible to give you a proper advice.  

Thank you for your trust and enjoy your new tattoo !! ☺️