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Dirty Black Tattoo, is a family business, based in Zürich Oerlikon. 

Has a reputation of producing high quality art and tattoos that have been collected worldwide.   


Focusing on every single detail as skin saturation, detail perfection and skin condition in order to achieve a healed rezult that is not going to change over the years . We are honest, always saying our opinion  if the result will not be a perfect one .  


  All aspects of your tattoo are important to us! 


 We use the highest quality products and machine in order to achieve best healed tattoo. 


 Following all hygiene rules given by the Health department and go beyond them for the health of our clients and of course ourselves.  


With 14 years of experience in the field , we go through a yearly check-up with Eyeco (certified institute for hygiene) in order to stay up to line with the new rules.


We take your project very seriosly and we always try to make out of your idee the best tattoo design . Therefore our speaking appointment are mostly done with an appointment so that the tattoo artist has enough time to talk to you and not be in rush . 


Tattoo projects are done togheter in the studio so that we can have an continuos exchange of ideea and build step by step the best design. Your opinion about every single detail is crucial and only this way the artist can argument his decions in case needed.  


Always remember you are our canvas , our walking art !!! We like to have our clients treated as we would like to be treated ! Always creating friendships and durable relation ! 


We are always participating at tattoo conventions and are known as top artists,  returning as winners most of the times .  

This is for us a sign of privilege and honor. 

We love conventions as we can meet fellow artist to exchange opinions and experiences . 

 Our up to day prizes are :    


InkDays 2019 

1st Place Black&Grey 


InkDays 2018 :

2nd place best of Show 


InkDays 2017:

2nd PlaceInkDays  


InkDays 2016:

2nd Place Black&Grey 


InkDays 2016:

2nd Place Black&Grey 


Montreux 2016: 

1st place Big Piece Black&Grey  


Amsterdam 2014 : 

1st place Best of Show 

2nd place Best of  Friday

1st place Best of Saturday   


Firenze 2014:  

2nd place Realistic  


Cagliari 2013: 

3rd place Best Realistic 


Frankfurt 2013. 

1st Place Best small Tattoo female 


Kassel 2012  :

1st Place best of Black&Grey 


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